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IT BPO Philippines

Outsourcing, offshoring, temporary staff or staff augmentation. Our develloper's team can help you for web dev, app dev and CMS CRM dev.


Either in China or in Hong Kong, Extreme International is your ideal partner for your import from China to the world. Here are the services we offer, these cover all stages of your future purchases of all kinds of products.


The Asian market is very dynamic. We often need to be in relationship with companies seeking investors. International Extreme makes you enjoy these opportunities.

IT BPO Philippines

Because you need more for less

Why Philippines

Outsourcing is a fast-growing business trend and competent means of increasing corporate profit nowadays. Various companies in the US, Australia, UK and other countries have taken advantage of this technique. Questions arise though why the Philippines is a good location to outsource offshore workforce. Here are the basic reasons why.

Web development

Your company, services, and product offerings are distinct, and so should your website. We have a full understanding of this matter from the very start and make it our goal to set up a customized solution to meet your specific needs.

App Development

This is the right place to fill your mobile application development needs. Our creative, experienced, and enthusiastic mobile developers can help convert your ideas into high-resolution, feature-rich, user-friendly app which has a great impact to your users and your business as well.

CMS CRM development

Whether you use Wordpress, Joomla, Opencart, Prestachop, Magento, SPIP, etc. We cater for any customization, creation of modules to optimize your web presence and your business

Outsourcing, Offshoring

With costs persistently on the rise and IT expertise diversifying away from established centers such as Silicon Valley and into Asia, there's never been a better time to outsource a project overseas. Offshoring helps a company be closer to its global customers, thereby providing appropriate offerings to its regional market and ensuring speedier problem resolution.

Staff augmentation

we provides wide-range of IT staffing and staff augmentation solutions from professionals specialized in different information and communication technologies to meet your needs, that too at one-third of the cost of recruiting IT professionals in-house. We optimize costs without compromising on the level of expertise required in each IT professional, for your job to be done.


Because you need specific product

Products sourcing

After validating your specifications, we will provide you a list of suppliers who suit your requirements the most. The information we provide include : name, website, photos, certifications, FOB price, production time, cost sample, you will receive a full report on each supplier, so you can quickly select the best for your purchases.

Project management

Whether a supplier found by yourself or we have selected with you, we support you throughout the production to ensure the proper conduct thereof. Production of your sample (step critical to the success of the import) to set cartons, we are in direct contact with the supplier to ensure that deadlines are met and that no question of provider remains unanswered.

Quality control

With our experiences in quality control you can be more reassured about your order. Whether you need an intermediary to meet with a provider before starting a production or you want to check good matching products to your specifications, we are at your disposal anytime.

Tests & Certifications

We work together with analytical laboratories that can perform the necessary certification of your product testing. Whether you need a FCC, ROHS, CE, REACH, EN, CPSIA or other certification, Extreme International helps you define the type of test to be valid with the quote sent by the laboratory and organize the tests in the next step.


In collaboration with international transport company, we manage your transportation China - World professionally and efficiently. Our asset delivery: a door-to- door! the delivery is from the factory to the gate of your company ( delivery DDP).

Dedicated team

A dedicated team is in charge of your sourcing



Real Estate Philippines

The rapid economic development throughout the Philippines hasn't gone unnoticed by investors. Many of whom, according to a recent publication in "Urban Land Institute" are showing a strong interest in high-end properties in the Philippines. The real estate market in the capital Manila has been classified as the fourth most desirable city for real estate investments in new constructions with profitable prospects.
We have connection with the best brokers to propose you the better investment.

Gambling connection

We have connections with many company and casino in Philippines, it's a real growing industry who offer many investment opportunities, we are in touch.

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